The Vine

The Vine

7he Vin3 is many things. At it's essence is the development of human potential.

This site exists for the specific function of freeing people from the greedy, unsustainable, capitalist society in which we live by empowering each of us to take control of what we find important. 

It is now obvious that we have outgrown our current system of production. 

Capitalism requires people to sell their labour in return for money with which they can buy the goods and services they need. The incentive of money is used to fuel innovation and to make sure that unappealing jobs are done. But a big indicator of a flagging economy is that there are NOT ENOUGH JOBS! Consequently people are employed in jobs that are completely unnecessary because they have to make money to survive.

I disagree with the following 2 assumptions, and this site, this experiment, this alternative to capitalism is a test of their validity: 

1. That innovation and productive work relies on the incentive of money.
2. That people must make money to have everything they want in life.

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