The Vine

7he Vin3 Alternative

This, like me, like us, is a work in progress. Questions, feedback, suggestions, constructive criticism is more than welcome, in fact it is integral. Please see the contact us page. 

The Vine is no more nor less that the people that constitute it. 

The Vine Alternative is an alternative system of production to the current system.  

In short, the Vine is a company that serves its members, but rather than making profit and distributing it between those who own it, the vine offers goods and services directly to its members.
Members do not need capital to become owners of the company, only to serve other members directly.

Basically, members ask everything they want from The Vine. They can also see what other members have asked of The Vine and can choose to contribute to the fulfilment of the needs and wants that they deem worthwhile to the overall health of The Vine. Simple as that.

You want something? A surfboard? A meal? A place to stay? A lesson in German? Ask it of The Vine.
If The Vine deems it worthwhile it will be fulfilled. The stronger The Vine is the quicker it will happen.
Want to strengthen The Vine? Then think of what you can offer. Browse the needs and wants that others have requested and see if you can help in any way.

EVERYONE has something to offer. Everyone. And there is no need for money! Why? Because with people, anything is possible; Because money only ever pays people.
No piece of machinery or anything else ever accepted a pay cheque for its service.

In this way, the control of the delivery of goods and serviced is taken away from corporations who, by law, act only in the interest of generating profit for their shareholders.
The control over public works is taken away from governments, who act only in the interest of retaining power - which regularly involves pandering to the wants of corporations.

YOU decide what is worthwhile, what gets done, and how it is done. Let me offer an example.

You feel that the creation of a dance school in your town would allow many children and adults a form of recreation, to explore this art-form and to entertain spectators with public shows. You ask this of The Vine. 

A dance teacher offers their time two nights a week to teach a class. But surely they would need to be paid? The dance teacher has asked for food, a bicycle, and for someone to clean their gutters. They do not need to make money because the very things they would spend it on are being cared for by the same vine that they are feeding with dance classes. 
A local church has offered a room 1 night a week. They have also asked for an organ tuner so that they can play music, someone to clean the pews so that attendees can sit comfortable, and for canned food that they can distribute to the local homeless.
Only the needs deemed worthwhile to The Vine (which is, remember, it's members; you) will be fulfilled.

Eventually, the class grows, and a local builder says that they could build a specialised dance studio if they had 12 labourers and 10 tradespeople contribute their time. A plumber says they can help but they need 40 meters of PVC pipe. Perhaps at this point someone offers to buy the pipe, which is fine, The Vine does not require that capitalist functions be completely abandoned, but perhaps, also, a hardware store offers the pipe to the project and asks for a casual store-hand and a weekend in a beach-house with his family. Note that this is not a trade. Each member gives and asks freely. Each gives with the expectation of nothing in return, and receives without guilt or need to thank. The builder has enough people to start building, but does not have enough commitment to lock in a start and end date. But, as this is not a commercial venture and does not have investors pressing to have the business turning over money as soon as possible, he can take his time and start at his leisure, with the means that he is provided by the vine. 

Need a planning permit? Ask it of The Vine - the council may do it for free, there is much they can ask of the Vine.
Need an Engineer? Ask it of the Vine.
Worried about the place it is being built? Ask for a surveyor and suggest an alternative location.
Need a business plan? No - it's not a commercial venture.
Need insurance? No - it does not cost money to make, it is made by people, not money.
Need to advertise? No - the classes are free, there is no competition.
But you will put the other local dance schools out of business!! Those teachers can teach at the new studio and its students can attend. If the teachers were teaching for money, they should think about what they wanted the money for and ask it of The Vine.

How do I join?

Go to the Needs and Wants page and post anything you require, anything. Browse what other people need and see if you can fulfil them, help with their fulfilment, offer a suggestion, or pass it on to someone with the capacity. Every time you help someone in any way, you are helping build a world where the power is in the hands of the people.