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At the moment, most of the things being asked for are to directly help this project. 
You can ask for anything that you think will help or for anything else that will help you. Think of something that you will have to pay money for soon, there just might be someone out there with exactly that to offer!

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Ask for anything you want. But try to explain how this will help 7he Vin3. 
Following you passion is always helpful, you might even say it is the whole point. It makes you happy, and more willing to give, and inspires others. 
For example:
If I had a surfboard, I could go surfing regularly which I love to do. This would make me more eagre to help 7he Vin3 and enable me to give surf lessons. 
Saying that, if you want something just because you want it, you can put that in too and let The Vine decide if it is worthwile. 

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